Baumann Media LTD

Freelance Producer / Director / Preditor / Camera op & Strategist.

Founded by Karl Baumann in 2016 after 16 years as a Producer & dept head at Sky Sports, Baumann Media Limited is all about getting the most professional looking content to the screen in the most efficient way possible.  As well as working as a freelancer for award winning global media companies like IMG, Karl has been engaged by a variety of firms as a Producer, Director, Cameraman / Producer and Strategist. 

Karl can help a wide range of businesses, charities and even individuals, not only producing top class media but formulate a plan so that media can boost sales, growth, public profile or even propagate a political point of view or philosophy.

During Karl’s 21+ years in the media he gained a broad experience of many areas of TV, and not all of them Sports related. Karl produced content for Sky's:
-  TV output
-  online output
-  social media output. 
While a staffer, he became adept at using digital media platforms to boost ratings.  He had to formulate strategies to build up a buzz around different events and "sell" a targeted audience the merits of ground breaking concepts over some obvious down sides these new initiatives possessed.

If you have a message that you need to get out to almost any type of group, if you need almost any type of media set up, planned & managed, or even media coverage of an event prepared and executed or perhaps a coverage and promotional strategy for a live event, you should contact Baumann Media Ltd.